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    Post  Akane on Sun May 30, 2010 8:55 pm

    These are the bijuu that can be obtained on the forum. Each has qualities that must be followed by there host when sealed within them.

    Bijuu can be removed from hosts without death. They can be sealed into anyone with the desire to obtain them but only 1 may be sealed within a single person.


    Name: Ichibi
    Tails: 1
    Influences: Hosts of the Ichibi no Shukaku have black rings around their eyes from insomnia, as they cannot sleep. Also, they must have a container for their sand.
    Affinity: Wind
    Requirements: A container for large amounts of sand.
    Longterm Drawbacks The hosts mental condition because taxed and weak due to the lack of sleep, and is easily pushed off edge. Mental disorders are easy developed and pre-existing ones can worsen.
    Personality:Shukaku is intelligent, but also incoherent, giving it the demeanor of a drunkard, which fits well with the typical depictions of tanuki in Japanese folklore. Shukaku itself can translate to "drunk" in Japanese. Like other tailed beasts, its innate rage and bloodlust influence its behavior, and it relishes the opportunity to kill anyone in sight. It sometimes lets the host control it sometimes, but most of the time it simply forces him to let it out. Mostly, the Ichibi is an asshole to even the host not caring that it was sealed and still feels that it wants to be in control.
    Bijuu Strength Ranking: 8th
    Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 9th
    Jutsu Specialty: Sunajutsu
    Static Abilities:
    • Suna no Tate
      • Whenever the host is about to come to harm, a shield of sand will automatically surround and protect him. The sand will react regardless of the host's will, even protecting him from self-inflicted injuries. The shield is capable of withstanding considerably strong attacks and projectiles, and can be hardened to a point where it's stronger than steel. It can be defeated by avoiding it completely with extremely high-speed attacks, or merely overcoming the shield with incredible brute force.

    • Suna no Yoroi
      • Using this jutsu, the host can cover himself in a compacted layer of sand, providing an additional defense should his Shield of Sand fail. Though quite effective, maintaining the armor requires a large amount of chakra and stamina. Furthermore, it is nowhere as resilient as the Suna no Tate, since it easily breaks away upon impact, meaning that the sole purpose of the armor is to absorb impact channeled unto the host's body during battle. Another weakness is the additional weight of the sand means a decrease of speed and mobility.

    In addition, when sealed, the host gains a boost in Chakra Control.


    Name: Nibi
    Tails: Two
    Influences: The Jinchuuriki's eyes will change colors to match the bijuu's color, making the left eye yellow and the right eye green. In addition, the host's eyes take a more cat-like appearance.
    Affinity: Fire
    Longterm Drawbacks Paranoia. The longer the bijuu is inside the host, the more and more paranoid they become, eventually shutting away from society.
    Personality: The Two-Tailed Demon Cat is a very snooty, self-important being. It views itself as much better than everything else, and is quite hypercritical of the host and anybody with whom it interacts. Nibi has a tendency to be rather shallow, placing great importance on things such as appearances and reputations. When it finds something that it truly dislikes, it will go to great lengths to hurt it in any way possible, just out of spite; Nibi holds grudges for quite a long time. Also, when the Demon Cat comes across something that it is confident it is superior to, it will be playfully sadistic and sinister for the sake of its own amusement.
    Bijuu Strength Ranking: 4th
    Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 8th
    Jutsu Specialty: Shijutsu
    Static Abilities: The Nibi's host has much better hearing compared to humans and is able to pinpoint sounds. This also grants them the ability to use Shijutsu [Death Techniques], but only in the forms. In addition, when sealed, the host gains a boost in intellect. Also, absorbs the user's other element, letting them only use Katon jutsu.


    Name: Sanbi
    Tails: 3
    Influences: Once sealed, the Sanbi claims the Jinchuuriki's left eye, making that eye entirely white and the host entirely blind in that eye. Also, the host will start to get snappier at people.
    Affinity: Suiton
    Longterm Drawbacks When sealed, the Sanbi steals the host's left eye. In addition, the more and more that the Sanbi comes out, the more the host is bitter towards others.
    Personality: The Three-Tailed Giant Turtle is very skittish and defensive. It is quite introverted, and does not speak much to its host. In conversation, it is almost awkward because of how little it will speak. It does not warm up easily to anybody, and it will take things very personally even if they are not intended to be. It also tends to be distrusting and suspicious of any attempts to befriend it, which makes it seem a bit grouchy. Even when it does grow close to its host, it is not a very affectionate being.
    Bijuu Strength Ranking: 6th
    Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 7th
    Jutsu Specialty: Suiton
    Static Abilities: In addition to the Stamina boost, the Jinchuuriki grows a connection to water in the form that they are able to 'feel' whatever happens to water around them. So, if someone walks on the water, they are able to feel it. They are able to feel all water that is in 500 feet in all directions.


    Name: Yonbi
    Tails: Four
    Influences: Hosts of the Yonbi have their hair redden at the tips. The face also turns a bit more simian.
    Affinity: Youton
    Longterm Drawbacks The host's personality changes to reflect more and more to the demon's, making them more ready to battle whoever challenges them. Also, when sealed, the Yonbi takes away all chakra affinities that they have and any elemental jutsu that they had.
    Personality: The Yonbi is a bully. He thinks that the only way that a problem can be settled is to kick the other side's teeth in. He hates trying to rationalize anything, since brainpower means nothing to him. Not only that, but he always tries to bully the host to do whatever he wants, taking advantage of the deal to give them power. In addition, he also is a jackass whenever called upon.
    Bijuu Strength Ranking: 9th
    Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 6th
    Jutsu Specialty: Elemental Fusion Ninjutsu.
    Static Abilities: The Yonbi host can fuse Doton and Katon into the Lava element [Youton]. The Jinchuuriki must still train for all the jutsu, however. In addition, when sealed, the host gains a boost in their Ninjutsu skills. Also, whenever the host's loses control, the Bijuu's personality fully comes out, making the host a rabid, feral ape-like creature.


    Name: Gobi
    Tails: 5
    Influences: The host of the Gobi will have very, very pale, smooth skin.
    Affinity: Suiton
    Longterm Drawbacks The host will experience dissociation from the reality around them; they view themselves as distant from their surroundings, an observer and not a participant.
    Personality: The Five-Tailed Dolphin Horse is generally a shy, amiable creature who gives off the opposite vibe. It tends to be quiet, and the things it says are creepy and a bit disturbing, but it really is sweet and friendly at heart. Because it seems so sinister at first impressions, Gobi is quick to warm up to those who do not judge it and give it a chance to show its true colors. It will try to befriend its host, and has a nurturing, supportive nature when the host interacts with it.
    Bijuu Strength Ranking: 3rd
    Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 5th
    Jutsu Specialty: Chakra Disruption through Genjutsu
    Static Abilities: When the chakra in the host’s body becomes active, his or her body will emit a fog made of pure chakra from every pore. Also, when sealed, the host gains a boost in their Genjutsu skills.


    Name: Rokubi
    Tails: 6
    Influences: The host's skin is always clean and nice, due to pores releasing tiny amounts of soap. Instead of normal sweat, the sweat is a soapy mixture.
    Affinity: Suiton
    Longterm Drawbacks The host becomes more and more sluggish, not wanting to be forced to do anything.
    Personality: The Six Tailed Slug is a big, gross, repulsive douchebag. It's made even worse by the fact that it's so smart. It has a lecherous, perverted nature, which is absolute disgusting when combined with its arrogant attitude and slimy, fat body. It tends to be lazy, as well, and tries to boss others around. It is unnecessarily mean and rude, and also has an easy-to-hate habit of being condescending.
    Bijuu Strength Ranking: 5th
    Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 4th
    Jutsu Specialty: Soap Bubbles
    Static Abilities: After being sealed, the host receives a boost in Chakra Control but has a slight Decrease in Stamina.


    Name: Nanabi
    Tails: 7
    Influences: The host's iris disappears, widening the pupil, which turns orange-red. Also, the host's hair becomes lighter shades of their normal hair color.
    Affinity: Fuuton
    Longterm Drawbacks Because of the desperate nature of the Nanabi, the host will gradually develop an insatiable urge to be praised and loved. He or she will feel a compulsive need to be surrounded by people at all times.
    Personality: The Nanabi is, to put it simple, a pest. Annoying and talkative, the Nanabi is an extremely social bijuu. This doesn't mean its easy to please, the Nanabi would be considered the reject of the bijuu, disliked by all the bijuu. The Nanabi's hyper-active ways can anger those that have a fiery temper or very little patience.
    Bijuu Strength Ranking: 7th
    Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 3rd
    Jutsu Specialty: Vibration Jutsu
    Static Abilities: When sealed, the Bijuu gives the host a Speed boost. Also, tiny wind cushions are constantly under the host's feet, never letting them fully touch the ground. The cushions can raise the host to up to 3 feet and to a minimum of 5 inches.


    Name: Hachibi
    Tails: Eight
    Influences: The Hachibi host has eyes that are very sensitive to light. To protect his/her eyes from the light the host will wear some sort of light reducing eye wear.
    Affinity: Doton
    Long-term Drawbacks: The hachibi does not give any negative long-term effects to the host, as it is more accepting of its life stuck within the host. This makes it easier to gain control of and befriend by the host.
    Personality: The Hachibi is known as the nicest of the bijuu, not for it being nice, but for its calm and collect attitude. The Hachibi is perfectly content with its life within a host, being well aware that if left free from the host it would only be constantly bothered by those trying to control it. As a result, the Hachibi is open to making a friendship with the host, and will often come to be one of its best of friends.
    Bijuu Strength Ranking: 2nd
    Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 2nd
    Jutsu Specialty: Taijutsu
    Static Abilities: When the jinchuurinki becomes the host for the Hachibi, they gain a boost in their Taijutsu skills plus they will become stronger physically.


    Name: Kyuubi
    Tails: 9
    Influences: The host has line on their cheeks resembling whiskers and more prominent canine teeth.
    Affinity: Katon
    Requirements: Kyuubi must be sealed at Birth, therefore the character must be a Genin.
    Longterm Drawbacks: As a result of the cruel, sadistic nature of the Kyuubi, the host will gradually lose the ability to feel any love. He or she will begin to feel nothing but disdain and hatred for everything.
    Personality: The Nine-Tails is a giant fox demon of mass destruction and almost pure malevolence. It is also intelligent, and has a sadistic and sarcastic personality. However, it does have a distinct sense of honor and pride, and possesses a loathing respect for the host. It also has a deep hatred for any that try to control it or the host.
    Bijuu Strength Ranking: 1st
    Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 1st
    Static Abilities: Stamina boost and inhuman regenerative abilities.

    The appearance of all bijuu:
    The Bijuu/Hosts Bijuuandjinchuuriki

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