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    Hokage: Nara "Shadow Demon" Kaiden


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    Post  Kaiden on Sun May 30, 2010 9:34 pm

    Nara "Shadow Demon" Kaiden



    Kaiden is a very storng-willed person who has never easily given up and will always do what is neccesary to protect what he believes is worthy of being protected. He is an amiable person, but when there is someone that he does not like he will act very coldly towards them. Kaiden tends to feel quite lazy when it comes to things liek paperwork and will try to sneak out of doing it to just go laze around on the roof of the hokage's office.

    Height► 5’11”
    Weight► 176 lbs
    Hair► Black
    Eyes► Hazel
    Body Build► Athletic build
    Picture► Hokage: Nara "Shadow Demon" Kaiden NaraKaiden
    Hokage: Nara "Shadow Demon" Kaiden NaraKaidenColored



    Chakra Affinity►
    Shadow, Fuuton

    Secondary Affinity►

    Kaiden carries around an assortment of kunais and shurikens along with a roll of metal wire and a roll of explosive tags.

    Shadow Chakra Blades- Made of pure Shadow chakra while in his Kekkei Genkai shadow fusion form. They have the ability to take on different forms and shapes and become more potent with greater aomunts of condensed shadow chakra.

    Fighting style►
    Shadow Fusion Kekkei Genkai
    Nara Secret Clan Jutsu

    Secret Nara clan Jutsus:
    Kage Mane no Jutsu (Shadow Imitation Technique)
    C-rank Ninjutsu
    Kage Mane no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique developed by the Nara clan. Its original purpose was as a skill to help delay any pursuers. After forming the needed hand seals, the clan member is able to manipulate their shadow along any surface and, by using other nearby shadows, can further extend the reach of it indefinitely - however, the user is only able to stretch, contract, or expand their shadow to its total surface area. Once the user's shadow reaches the target shadow, it will attach itself. While attached, the target will be frozen and only able to replicate in mirror form the actions of the clan member. There's an amount of posts before the technique can be broken, by having strength that can overpower the users stamina and control.

    *Kage Nui (Shadow Sewing)
    C-rank Ninjutsu
    Ninpou: Kage Nui is a Ninjutsu technique developed by the Nara clan. To perform the technique Kaiden will first form the needed hand seal to extend his shadow. Kaiden will then change the hand seal to cause the shadow to emerge from the ground in tendrils. The tendrils can extend and whip about and are strong enough to pierce nearby targets.

    Kageyose(Shadow Endgame Jutsu)
    This is a ninjutsu using materialized shadows, but compared to the Shadow Sewing Technique from the same line, this technique places emphasis on the minute control of the shadow's movements. It is accurate enough to even make the tentacles go through tiny holes. Basically, this technique takes the user's own shadow and transforms and stretches it into countless thin tentacles, which are then used to grab objects and pull them in. Also, one can also skillfully make use of the tentacle-shaped shadow tendrils by using them to lift up and throw weapons like kunai and such. This technique has many possible applications and uses. There are no hand seals used for this technique, but the hand movements resembles Gaara's Sand Binding Coffin.

    *Shadow Neck Bind
    Type: Offensive
    Rank: B
    Element: Shadow
    Distance: Depends on the chakra control and supply of the user
    Description: The user floods his/her shadow with chakra then sends the shadow out towards the opponent. If the shadow comes in contact with the opponent's shadow, it then crawls up the opponents body and starts to choke them. This techmique is more effective at closer ranges.

    *Name: Shadow Mummy
    Element: Shadow(Its an element on NR but don't know if it is here)
    Distance: 30M(More or less depending on how much chakra you have)
    Description: Your shadow extends away from you then the wrappings from around your body fly out and form a human shaped figure which the shadow then fills. The shadow mummy that was craeted does whatever is thought by the user so to use it in a fight requires a quick mind and a high intellect.

    *Shadow Sarcophagus
    Element: Shadow(Nara)
    Description: The user summons three shadow mummies then has them all attack themselves to the oppoent. The Shadow mummies then lose their shape and enclose the opponent in a swarm of shadow chakra enclosed by the wraps. As this is happeneing the chakra contricts the oppoent, preventing him/her form moving once caught inside and then slowly crushes him such as what happenes in the shadow neck bind except around the entire body. Depending ont he level and condition of the opponent it can cause anywhere from high level restriction and slight constriction of the lungs to Lungs collapsing, cardiac arrest and bones succumbing to the pressure and breaking. Usually will be used as a finishing move on an opponent.
    Limit: Nara clan only, must know Shadow Mummy jutsu, uses a fairly high amount of chakra.

    *Name: Shadow Demon Jutsu
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Rank S
    Element: Shadow
    Distance: Medium
    Description: The user goes through a large string of handseals and once complete a large mass of phsyical shadow chakra is sent forth and is covered by wraps hich turn pitch black once the newly formed creature is covered. once the creature has been formed a chakra channeling network is formed in the creature that the user can manipulate to have the demon use jutsus, but at a higher chakra cost than what they would normally take. Also this chakra network allows the user to have the demon enhance it base attacks just as a shinobi would use chakra to enhance his taijutsu. The demon also has a massive strength due to its size, but is also fairly quick due to it being made of chakra.
    Appearance: This is the appearance of Nara Kaiden's Shadow Demon, but each person' has a different appearance depending on their inner darkness'. The greater it is the more terryfying the demon is.
    The shadow demon appears as if it may be a true demon as it is pitch black with sharp, spiky fingers and spikes protruding form its elbows. It has large broud shoulders with spikes running along from its should down its back in two columns. The legs are of a medium length with all of the toes being the same as the fingers and one large spike sticking out from the back of each foot. The demon head looks more like that of a wolf than of a person and has sharp powerful teeth that lines it jaw that it uses to rend the opponents flesh directly form their body.
    Limit: Must be in the Nara Clan. Must have mastered Shadow Mummy Jutsu. You can can only use one shadow demon at a time. It takes chakra to maintain connection. The user must control demon movements, jutsus and chakra network.

    Shadow Fusion Kekkei Genkai Levels and Jutsu:
    Kage Hada Yuukai(Shadow Skin fusion)
    Genin/basic kekkei genkai level
    The user feels his natural shadow chakra creep out of him from every pore of his body as it slowly starts to overtake him. Once the shadow chakra has covered his entire body it starts to fuse with his skin, combining it with the pure essence of the shadows. The users new skin serves as a natural defense and helps to enhance all shadow based moves. One of the side effects of this move is when the user first unleashes his kekkei Genkai he will undergo an immense amount of pain as the fusion occurs, effectively crippling him until the fusiopn is complete. As the user becomes more competent in unleashing his Kekkei Genkai he will feel less pain and the fusion will occir quicker.

    Tsuin Kage Yaiba (Twin Shadow Blades)
    Prerequisites: Kage Hada Yuukai/Noborizaka Kage Yuukai/ Shinsei Kage Yuukai
    The user extends chakra out from his body and compreses it into two very hard and sharp blade. The cutting power and hardness of he blade depend on how much chakra is compressed into the blade, but can only be advanced so far depending on the level of shadow fusion you have achieved.

    Kage Yukai Soujuu(Shadow Fusion Manipulation Jutsu)
    Prerequisite: Kage Hada Yuukai
    After putting chakra into the victim's shadow, the user makes their body as flat as possible effectively placing their own body in perfect unison with the opponents shadow. Then, by becoming one with the shadow, this technique temporarily snatches away the control over the victim's mind and body. While the technique is in effect, the victim is temporarily paralyzed and can serve as a human shield. The user can talk through the victim using the victim's voice, but can only hold this jutsu for relatively short bursts. Once this technique is cancelled their ultra-thin body expands again retaking its original thickness. This technique can also be used on dead bodies and when it is used on dead bodies or willing victims it can be used for longer lengths of time.

    Noborizaka Kage Yuukai (Enhanced Shadow Fusion)
    Extremely talented Genin/Chunin
    When the user unlocks this level of shadow fusion, pure essence of shadow begins to merge with their chakra network, allowing them a greater level of control over all shadow jutsu and over their chakra in general. This level of fusion also allows them to pump chakra to different areas of the user's skin,e ffectively hardening that area without condensing a large amount of chakra into one area such as with the Tsuin Kage Yaiba. When the user first unleashes this level of his kekkei genkai, the effects are similiar to th first, but the pain is not as drastic. The user will also be unable to use other forms of elemental jutsu until he has been training in this form for a fair amount of time.

    Shinsei Kage Yuukai (True Shadow Fusion)
    Extremely talented Chunin/Jounin
    In the third level of transformation the user becomes one with the pure essence of shadow, effectively becoming a living shadow being while in this state. This allows the user to change the shape and structure of their body in order to fit the situation. Since the user is a living shadow it allows him to use his own body to act as a shadow by completely flattening and stretching out his body to make contact with the opponent to overcome the normal limitations of shadow based jutsu. While in this form the user has his physical skill sets greatly enhanced as his strength, speed, and reaction time are all increased, due to chakra flowing through easier and in greater amounts while in this new form. This form also allows you to unlock the potetial of the Tsuin Kage Yaiba, allowing you create a blade to amtch any other chakra infused blade of other elemental affinities by taking a much greater amount of shadow chakra and condensing it down into two blades that will greatly enhance th abilities of any shinobi that carries them. This form also allows the user to interact with shadow objects he creates indirectly, which in the time of war can mean that a shadow user with a large source of chakra(from him or otherwise) could arm an entire unit of ninja with deadly weapons. When the user first uses this form he won't feel anything while in it, but afterwards he will feel an extreme amount of pain that will most likely cause him to pass out for days at a time until he better learns to control the transition.

    Kage Irege (Shadow switch)
    B-rank jutsu
    Prerequirements: Shinsei Kage Yuukai
    If the user is in contact with a nearby shadow(including his own) he can temporarily switch places with that shadow effectively causing the opponent to attack nothing. Each shadow can only be used once per users lifetime though so he must choose wisely when using this techqnie so as to not waste his oppurtunities and to not leave him without a way out in an otherwise unavoidable attack. The shadow must also at least have the total surface area of the user's shadow as if he and his shadow were in a perfect one to one ratio.

    Kage Fuzen Kujiku (Shadow Partial Crush)
    B-rank/A-rank Jutsu
    Prerequisite:Noborizaka Kage Yuukai/Shinsei Kage Yuukai
    When in close vs an opponent the user sends a mass of shadow chakra in to an area of the opponents body and then encloses it. the user then compresses the chakra as if he were compressing it for tsuin kage yaiba or to protect an rea of their body, applying a large amount of pressure to the affected area. This jutsu greatly increases in strength once in the Shinsei Kage Yuukai form.

    Shadow Imitation Shuriken Jutsu
    Rank B
    By using the shadow weapons made from the shinsei kage yuukai form to pierce the enemies' shadows, the enemies are then 0paralyzed in place. To pierce the shadow, it is necessary to avoid the target just barely. As it is more difficult for the enemy notice it, this ninjutsu also compensates for the weak point of the similar Shadow Imitation Technique, being its limited effective range.

    Kage Rikaku Jutsu(Shadow Separation Jutsu)
    Rank A
    The user builds up a well of chakra inside him that he then uses to split himself into two or more forms of his choosing. Once separated each form will have an equal amount of chakra that was divided up from the original form. These forms cna move freely from each other and can also recombine with each other at any time. If the user is forced from the shinsei kage yuukai state at any time all the forms will turn into pure shdoe essance and rush back, slamming into the original and causing and extreme sense of pain, which would effectly know the user unconscious.

    Kage Katsu Jutsu (Shadow Rip Jutsu)
    The user must first capture his opponent before he is able to use this jutsu. Once he has he builds up a well of shadow chakra in his hand then places it onto his opponnet. The shadow chakra seeps into the cells of the opponent nd once the user feels that he has a ensnared a large enough amount of the opponent(relatively) he pulls away, ripping a portion of the opponents flesh away with his hand. the shadow chakra then leaves the flesh and seeps back into the user.

    It is unknown at this time whether kaiden has achieved the full extent of this kekkei gankai yet or whether he can still advance it farther.


    Fuuton Jutsu:
    Fuuton • Kaiten Shuriken [Wind Element • Rotating Shuriken]
    C-Ranked Ninjutsu
    By imbuing their shuriken with wind chakra, the user can launch them with a ring of cutting wind around them. The shuriken can then be individually controlled because of the chakra put into them.

    *Kazekiri - Wind Cutter
    Art: C
    Rank: Ninjutsu
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Close (0-5m)
    Chakra: Equal to the technique dispelled.
    Description: This technique is used to divide and neutralize a Wind attack launched against the user. Using their ability to manipulate Wind, the user will split the incoming Wind attack and make it harmless.

    *Fuuton • Daitoppa [Wind Element • Great Breakthrough]
    C-Ranked Ninjutsu
    After bringing their hand to their mouth, the user will then proceed to blowing a large blast of wind from their mouth. It can tear through trees and leave a path through the ground. It can not break through a bolder however, can cause massive bruising and breaking bones.

    *Fuuton • Kami Oroshi [Wind Element • Godly Wind from the Mountains]
    C-Ranked Ninjutsu
    After forming the necessary hand-seals, the user will thrust their hands forward as a vortex of wind blasts through. The vortex's direction can be controlled and being hit packs considerable force. The control is limited, however, it can only be moved in a 45 degree angle.

    *Fuuton • Reppushou [Wind Element • Gale Wind Palm]
    C-Ranked Ninjutsu
    After forming the needed hand-seals, a strong gust of wind will be launched forward at their foe. A weapon can be thrown in the gust to increase its deadliness. This jutsu can also push back foes if within close enough range.

    *Kazegaeshi - Wind Return
    Art: Ninjutsu
    Rank: B
    Type: Counter
    Range: Close (0-5m)
    Description: This technique is used to counter a Wind attack launched against the user. The user will split the incoming Wind attack with their chakra and take control of it. The attack can then be launched back at the ninja who originally created it or even another opponent.

    *Name: Razor Wind Clone
    Rank: B
    Distance: 0M
    Description: The user creates a wind clone by combining wind natured chakra with the basic clone jutsu technique. When the clone makes contact with the enemy (no matter if the enemy initiated the contact or you had) the contact will result in being sliced by the thousands of tiny razor shape wind particles the clone is composed of

    *Fuuton► Bouseki Tate no Kaze [Wind Element► Spinning Shield of Winds]
    B-Ranked Ninjutsu
    Forming the necessary handseals and focusing on the area in front of him, the user leaks Chakra to cause wind to rapidly spin in a circular motion, creating stronger air currents that resemble a small tornado, large enough to offer protection for up to three people. Instead of deflecting attacks however the vortex [spinning at a ferocious speed] will draw in whatever is near it and hurl it back at the opponent. If a person were to touch one of these whirling storms, though, their skin would be rubbed raw in a matter of seconds. The tornado lasts for 3 posts and needs four posts as cooldown .

    *Fuuton • Renkuudan [Wind Element • Drilling Air Projectile
    B-Ranked Ninjutsu
    After inhaling a large amount of air into their gullet, the user will expel it through their mouth in the form of an air bullet. A direct hit from this attack does a considerable amount damage, leaving large, deep cuts.

    *Atsugai - Pressure Damage
    Art: Ninjutsu
    Rank: A Rank
    Type: Attack
    Range: Any
    Description: Fuuton • Atsugai is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Wind Element. Releasing one’s chakra from their body, they will form a large, destructive gale of wind, capable of leveling anything within a large area.

    Reppuu Chuui no Bunshin(Gale Medium Clone)
    S-rank jutsu
    Description: After performing the neccesary handseals a wind clone is made created that serves as the medium for a variety of attacks. It is also invulnerable to all attacks except fire jutsu as they will simply pass through the clone. The clone can use 3 wind attacks jutsu and 1 wind defense jutsu without using any handseals, but it takes more chakra than it normally would The clone is able to use the wind scar jutsu(50 attack power) as its ranged attack. For the wind scar the clone swipes at the air horizontally creating a high pressure and very sharp wind blade that flys at the opponent at incredible speeds. The second attack is called Wind balde arms where clone forms sharpened blades of wind on each and slices at the nemy repeatedly(75 attack per blow landed). The final attacking jutsu is the gale hurricane jutsu where the clone summons a wall of wind around the opponent then claps his hand together causing blades of wind to swirl around and attack the opponent in a localized hurricane of wind blades. The defensive jutsu is the Wind Wall jutsu which will deflect all wind and lightning based ranged attacks, but it is only minimally effective aginst melee based wind and lighting attacks and has zero effectiveness against all other attacks.

    Doton Jutsu:
    *Doryuu Taiga - Earth Flow River
    Art: Ninjutsu
    Rank: D
    Type: Supplementary Modifier
    Range: Close (0-5m)
    Description: Doton • Doryuu Taiga is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Earth Element. The ninja will do the necessary hand seals and transform the ground upon which the enemy stands into a river of mud.

    *Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu - Double Suicide Decapitation Technique
    Art: Ninjutsu
    Rank: D
    Type: Supplementary Modifier
    Range: Close (0-5m)
    Description: Doton • Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Earth Element. The ninja will travel through the ground to appear below their target. They will then surprise their target by then pulling them into the ground. Once in the ground their target is thus immobilized.

    *Retsudo Tenshou - Revolving Split Earth Palm
    Art: Ninjutsu
    Rank: C
    Type: Attack
    Range: Any
    Description: Doton • Retsudo Tenshou is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Earth Element. This technique allows the ninja to control nearby stone and rock. When the ninja forms the needed hand seals and slams their palm to the ground, surrounding rock will begin to churn and twist up crushing all those trapped within it.

    *Dochuu Eigyo - Underground Fish Projection
    Art: Ninjutsu
    Rank: C
    Type: Supplementary Per Turn
    Description: Doton • Dochuu Eigyo is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Earth Element. Similar to the Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu, this technique works based upon the same premise of underground travel. The user will continue to stay hidden underground, however, popping up periodically whenever they plan to strike.

    *Doro Gaeshi - Mud Overturn
    Art: Ninjutsu
    Rank: C
    Type: Defense
    Range: Close (0-5m)
    Description: Doton • Doro Gaeshi is a defensive Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Earth Element. After striking the ground with their hands, a large wall of earth will rise into place as defense.

    *Bodi Kori no Jutsu - Body Hardening Technique
    Art: Ninjutsu/Taijutsu
    Rank: A
    Type: Attack + Defense Per Turn
    Range: Close (0-5m)
    Description: Using the Earth elemental, the user can harden their body. While in this hardened state, the user can withstand incoming attacks. In this form, they can also dish out much more powerful Taijutsu strikes.


    Kaiden grew up with his two parents in a town that was coming to be known as Konohagakure. It was a relatively peaceful town, but it was far form ordinary. This town laid host to a group oh shinobi that would grow to be called Leaf Shinobi. Kaiden was one of these ninja from a clan called the Nara, users of their own shadows and the shadows of others.

    As Kaiden was growing up he was an amiable young lad that had yet to grow into hsi own and it showed with his personality. He'd always go and try to make friends with people, never particularly holding a grudge against anyone. One of the people he ended up meeting was Nara Kousuke, another child from his clan. The two ended up becoming fast friends and you could usually spot them togeher, despite their differing personalities.

    As the two grew older they entered the academy in order to truly become shinobi and to protect those within the village. They both progressed fairly well with Kaiden being the one that passed on sheer talent, but not having a particular work effort while his friend Kousuke's path was more difficult as he had to work for what he was able to do.

    When it became time for Kaiden to become a genin he passed easily enough and ended up becoming teamaed with his childhood friend Kousuke and Ell, a child who didn't seem to particularly care about others. Kaiden's genin years passed by easily enough with the teamwork between him and his teammates easily sweeping them through a majority of their misions. During this time kaden was merely above average and didn't truly strive to become stronger, just to get by. He would spend many of his days, dodging training to just go relax in a tree or to watch the clouds go by. In truth Kaiden didn't have any kind of motivation to want to become stronger so he just did what was expected fo him.

    When the Chuunin exams came around Kaiden didn't think much of it, just as another obstacle that would stand in the way of him being able to relax. He and his team flew through the the first two stages of the exam thanks to the combination of jutsu they possessed. The part that truly became a bother was the third round of the exam, the tournament stage. During this stage Kaiden unlocked the second level of his Kage Yuukai Kekkei Genkai so that after dispatching his fist opponent and leaving the kage yuukai state he became unconscious thanks to a large amount of pain that this new fusion had caused.

    Upon waking up two days later he learned that he had passed and become a Chuunin which didn't make much of a difference to him other than it meant he wouldn't have to take it again. He chuunin days took on a sort of repetitiveness until a grave accident happened to his friend Kousuke that left him blind. Many thought that Kousuke would never be a shinobi again, but Kousuke fought on regardless, honing hsi senses and learning to fight without the need of sight. After seeing how hard Kousuke was pushing himself kaden vowed to help him in any way he could so that he would one day rejoin the ranks of the Leaf Shinobi while secretly vowing to himself to no longer just get by, to no longer just be above average. He would give it his all to become stronger until he reached the point that he was the leader of protestor of tis village that he truly did cherish deeply.

    Kaiden continued to grow stronger after this incident as did Kousuke who did eventually train himself to be able to fight even without the use of sight. They both continued onward until Kaiden reahed the rank fo village leader and what would come to be known the the Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaf. As the first hokage he had two things to take care of, first of which was appointing Kousuke to the Anbu, second of which was appointing Ell a jounin sensei so that he might learn o have compasiion for others.

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    You sure you don't want any Kunai, Shuriken etc, if so list them under Inventory or Weapons.

    Just waiting on Your History then looks good to go.

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    I actually skipped the inventory on mistake haha, was more worried about the jutsu at the time. Also I'm waiting on the history myself, I'll tell you when my mind decides to think of something good Razz.

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    I see you still haven't added any more Weaponry, are you 100% you just want your Shadow Blades?

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    I'm still not 100% percent done with it

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    its done now so go ahead and approve it

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    It seems Kago was here already, if he approves then I do as well!


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