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    Character Creation Rules


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    Character Creation Rules

    Post  Akane on Wed Apr 21, 2010 6:30 pm

    Here is our rules about the characters we will and will not allow.

    1: No character is to be directly related to any of the canon characters. (Canon characters do not exist in this forums story)
    2: All new characters will be judged if they make jounin, chunnin or genin.
    3: Jinchuuriki and bijuu are apart of this forum. See the Bijuu/host post in the info section.
    4: Uchiha will only be granted to select few, do not ask to be one, do not try to copy one.
    5: The Rinnegan is banned because its ablities as of yet are unknown and will be determined later if it will be suitable for RP.
    6: No "Mary-Sue" characters. You cannot be super talented, loved by all, and have a mind surpassing all others.
    7: You have limited inventory and as such can only carry reasonable amounts of equipment. If you have such equipment do not forget to say where it is located and other details about how it all fits.
    Other items carried like swords or other unique weapons must be put properly on your character and in reasonable amounts.
    8: When posting your character put the village he is affiliated along with his intended rank infront of his name, like below.
    Konoha Chunnin: Joe Shmoe

    If any other things that will come up in the future need to be added here they will be and those who are not with each of the current rules will be dealt with.


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