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    The Story Begins


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    The Story Begins

    Post  Akane on Tue May 25, 2010 11:04 pm

    The world within the Naruto Divinty forums is the same as the actual Naruto story with some slight changes.

    Canon characters do not exist, so no relations to them what so ever.
    The Kaguya have not gone extinct and they reside peacfully within Kirigakure.
    The Uchiha have still been wiped out for the most part by one of there own again, only a few remain and do not ask to be one. You will know if your given the chance.
    The Kages were formed later in the villages life time thus the Kages are starting at the 1st of there kind right now until they decide to release there position to another qualified member or die and another is chosen.

    A map below will provide the area that is allowed and what villages there are.

    The villages work in a way that keeps only the 5 Kages to report to for your mission.
    Fire country contains Konahagakure, Hoshigakure, the River Country, the Wheat Country and the Wave Country.
    Wind country contains Sunagakure, the Valley Country, the Bird Country and Amegakure.
    Water country contains Kirigakure and the Seagull Country.
    Lightning country contains Kumogakure, Yukigakure, the Swamp Country, and the Coal Country.
    Earth country contains Iwagakure, the Rice Country, the Iron Country and Kusagakure.

    If you're from a village such as Kusagakure, Hoshigakure, or Amegakure (And the likes) you should report to your respective Kages. For example; a Hoshigakure Shinobi should report to the Hokage since Hoshigakure is allied/owned by the Land of Fire.


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