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    Kirigakure Genin - Shien Kano


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    Post  Sheehan on Thu Jun 10, 2010 11:17 am

    General Information:

    Name: Kano, Shien.

    Gender: Male.

    Age: 15.

    Village: Kirigakure, The Village Hidden in the Mist.

    Rank: Genin.


    Chakra Affinity: Water.

    Secondary Affinity: None, as of now.

    Small Pouch #1:

    • Senbon x35

    Small Pouch #2:

    • Senbon x35

    Large Pouch:

    • Smoke Bombs x2
    • Explosive Tags x8
    • Kunai x 10

    In addition to this, Shien has Senbon hidden in several places around his body:

    • Right Sleeve x5
    • Left Sleeve x5
    • Under Right Arm, Around Rib Cage x8
    • Under Left Arm, Around Rib Cage x8

    Weapon: Shien weilds a standard sized sword. There is nother out of the ordinary about it. It's about the length of his entire upper body. It's crafted from powerful metal.
    It's handle is a standard samurai-like handle, coloured blue with an interesting pattern engraved into it.

    Fighting style: Majors in Kenjutsu, more specificaly the Kyoukan and Senkouken aspects of Kenjutsu. Is attempting to master Kyoukan, the Art of Assassination. Above average and highly accurate with senbon.
    Minors in Ninjutsu.

    C Ranked Jutsu:
    Kenjutsu Style, Shinjutsu:
    C Ranked Kenjutsu, Kyoukan,
    This technique is utilized by a Shinobi to improve their ability to strike at the specific points of an enemy's body, aiming at the nervous system in order to cut off the connection of the body part to the brain. Thus, disabling an enemy by striking at specific points. Utilizing projectiles or blades, the shinobi will coat it with chakra, aiming at an opponent's body in order to strike it in such a way, spreading the user's chakra into the body to cut off it's connection for a short time-period.
    Kenjutsu Style, Kagekamen:
    C Ranked Kenjutsu, Kyoukan,
    This technique utilizes a cloak, robe, or some other form of clothing that is capable of covering the majority of the body. The user will cover the garment will chakra, utilizing it to alter the color to fit the landscape, much like a chameleon in order to hide themselves. Weapons, body parts outside of the garment, are not effected by this. This technique does not provide true invisibility, but merely camouflages the user. An object striking the altered garment will disrupt the technique, ending it.
    Kenjutsu Style, Hirameki:
    C Ranked Kenjutsu, Senkouken,
    This technique utilizes chakra which is channeled to the tip of the sword. This leaves off the illusion that the sword is constantly a certain ammount of inches infront of itself. And so, when the opponent goes to avoid the illusionary sword, it leaves him vulnerable to the second, real attack.
    Suiton, Han'i Benkai:
    C Ranked Ninjutsu, Defence,
    To activate this jutsu, the user must be near or perferably in a source of water. Exerting chakra through his body and into the water, he can form a protective sphere of water around himself. Because the water is mixed with chakra, he can harden it to whitstand some attacks. The drawbacks of this is that he is submerged in water, and so can only hold the jutsu for aslong as he can hold his breath.

    D Ranked Jutsu:
    Bunshin no Jutsu:
    D Ranked Academy Jutsu,
    A technique in which the user creates illusionary clones with his chakra. These clones cannot physicaly attack or hurt the opponent in any way. Instead, they are used as a distraction or to mask the real user, who can wait for an openning to strike.
    Transformation Jutsu:
    D Ranked Academy Jutsu,
    A technique in which the user transforms and takes on the form of a different person. This is used to trick foes, fooling them into thinking the user is someone else.
    Substitution Jutsu:
    D Ranked Academy Jutsu,
    A technique which the user exhanges places with a nearby object, mostly a log. This is used for quick escapes. The key to this jutsu is to time it just right, creating the illusion that the user has been hit, leaving the opponent vulnerable to attack.
    Kenjutsu Style, Kyokugi:
    D Ranked Kenjutsu, Senkouken,
    A technique whose basis is the "Walking" Technique, Kyokugi is a technique practiced by those wishing to deftly cross the battlefield in a erratic and unpredictable manner. The user takes a familiar concept, drawing chakra into their feet. In this variation, however, rather then becoming adheisive or merely standing upon a surface, this form of the jutsu creates chakra "Springs" upon the soles, which project a user forward. This essentially allows the user to bounce across the battlefield in a rapid manner, either distracting a foe or merely getting across tedious obstacles.
    Kenjutsu Style, Doro-Jurei:
    D Ranked Kenjutsu, Senkouken,
    By storing chakra into the sheath of a sword via transferring it through the sword. When the user draws his blade it will be propelled by a sudden push of force from the chakra. With this method, he may cut forward at a strength greater then his other strikes, aswell as increase the speed of strikes, ending fights swiftly and perhaps catching them by surprise.

    More Information:

    Personality: Shien is a rather reclusive person. He's considered a bit of a loner, even in the Village Hidden in the Mist. He has become very cold since his graduation to the rank of Genin.
    He is also quite sub-conscience about his looks, and usualy conceals a bit of his face behind a hood, despite his looks not being that bad.
    Lastly, he is very obedienty and follows orders to the end. Whether it puts himself or others in harms way. Because people usualy judge him quickly, he is not too fond of other people.
    In a battle situation, he's quite the strategist. He has the abilities and brains to end fights quickly. He understands that emotions shouldn't get in the way of missions, but is finding trouble putting this into practice.

    Appearance: Shien stands about 5 foot 9 inches, and is average weight for his age and height. He has long, dark brown and messy hair, which reaches down to his shoulders. This hair usualy falls infront of his face, and he sometimes ties it up in battle situations. He has bright blue eyes. Some stuble is visible around his neck and lower face. He is a relatively nice looking child.
    Shien's usual mission clothes consist of a light leather armour tunic, hidden under a short, black hooded cloak. He wears long baggy black pants and colourless wooden sandals.

    Story: Shien was born in the Village Hidden in the Mist. He had a loving mother and a strict father. Because of the disipline Shien's father was given throughout his childhood, he had become cold and bitter. These emotions, aswell as his uprising affected the way he raised Shien dramaticaly. At first, when he was the youthful age of two, his father would scream at him if he stepped out of line. Although his mother opposed to this, she had very little power to stop it. She had come from a family of working woman, and so she never even attended any sort of training to become a Shinobi.

    At about the age of seven, things got serious. His father resorted to physical acts when Shien stepped out of line. At this age, stepping out of line meant simply not doing what he was ordered to do, delaying what he was ordered to do or delaying carrying out an action he was ordered to. This helped Shien become more obedient, but also breeded alot of resentment in him and his father's relationship. Still, he had no power to stop what he was doing, and although his father loved his mother, he would not stop for her either. Claiming that it was "Toughing him up."

    At the age of eleven, the anger was too much. Shien verbaly snapped at his father, yelling at him. At had become quite obvious that it was beyond the stage of toughening him up, and gotten to the stage of his father releasing negative feelings about his own father through hitting his son. After Shien's display of anger, his father struck him in the face. He hadn't been hit in the face before, all previous wounds had been around the body so that they would not be seen in public. Also, Shien had to wear a robe to hide them. After this strike, Shien also faught back physicaly. Realising that he had been punishing his son so hard over these years, and shocked that his son would actualy hit him back, his father left the house. He never returned, but that was the plan as Shien's mother intended on leaving him after the fight anyway.

    Shien and his mother now live moderately normal lives. Forgetting their troubled past and looking to a bright future. But it has greatly affected Shien in ways which cannot be reversed.

    In Shien's Family, the Kano Clan, a sword is passed down through generations. The first son to become Chunnin must weild it. After Shien's father retired, he placed the sword in a glass display case. He will recieve it the day he graduates to the rank of Chunnin.

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