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    Play This While In Kumogakure

    Hidden amongst the clouds...isolated in the mountains...alone in the storms...lies the village of Kumogakure....

    Welcome to Kumogakure, the Village Hidden in the Clouds. With our strength and boundless determination, we will overcome any challenge.

    Here among the mountains, we train and we work. We laugh and we play. But we never forget that we are proud ninjas. The time has come to reunite with the other villages, to face this new threat, but I have faith that even among the Five Great Nations we shall establish ourselves as a bastion of power and will. Let us not forget that even in these troubled times we are Cloud ninja, and we will carry ourselves as such.

    Here in Kumogakure, we have plenty to see, and plenty to do. Aspiring ninja can take lessons at the Academy, sightseers can explore the surrounding mountains, and those wishing to help in the war against Kuronosu can enlist for missions at the Raikage's office. Of course, we also have a variety of shops and restaurants. To those wishing to spar and train, head to the Training Plateau, a vast rocky tabletop where many ninja, both young and old, have honed their skills.

    To all of you, the best wishes.
    -Shodai Raikage, Kaede Hatsuharu

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