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    Blank Clan Template


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    Blank Clan Template

    Post  Kago on Wed May 26, 2010 1:38 pm

    Clan Template





    Bloodline Limit:
    Clan Jutsu:







    [b]Bloodline Limit:[/b]
    [b]Clan Jutsu:[/b]



    Username:Link to your Profile


    Surname: Clan Name
    Symbol: Clan Symbol is Optional, Please put Images in Spoiler tags in they exceed 200x200 pixels
    Traits: Describes what makes the members of teh clan different from other people such as Hyuuga's white eyes and dark hair.
    Village: Where does your Clan originate from?


    Traditions: Post here Traditions of your clan such as Coming of Age etc. You can also describe the clan in more detail here.
    Requirements: Does your clan members require certains things such as Jutsus etc
    Bloodline Limit: Post your Clans Bloodline Limit if they possess one.
    Fusion Bloodlines
    The clans with fusions have a certain aspect to them that needs to be noted upon. Since the use of fusion is innate and does not need to be trained, being able to fuse does not give you immediate access to the elements necessary to create the fusion.
    If you create a clan member as a genin, you will only be able to use the fusion element.
    If you create a clan member as a chuunin, you will only be able to use the fusion element and one of the requirements.
    If you create a clan member as a jounin, you will be able to use all 3.
    Clan Jutsu: All jutsu that are limited to your clan would be placed here include jutsu that allows use by all ranks of ninja.


    History: This is optional but you may want to write a quick paragraph of how the clan formed.

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